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Real Estate Overview

Moreira Law Office is a full-service, Greater Boston Law Firm, serving clients throughout the United States. Strong Bias Toward Action!

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Licensed Real Estate Broker (MA #144120)

MA Seal Real Estate Broker

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Moreira Law Office represents developers, lenders, buyers, sellers, and U.S. Investors.  Our activities include work on the purchase, sale, construction, financing and operation of both commercial and residential projects throughout the United States; leasing on behalf of landlords and major tenants; real estate-secured lending; land use and other regulatory matters, as well as real estate litigation.

Our office has conducted more than 2,000 commercial and residential real estate closings, for lenders such as Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, WMC, Citizens, Countrywide, and Heartland.

CLOSINGS WHEN and WHERE YOU NEED THEM. We are available for closings at a location of your choice; including customer’s residence, or our office AND we are willing to do closings before, during and after normal business hours, including Saturdays.

Benefits of Working with Moreira & Associates, PC

Travel Closings
Closings conducted in M & A’s office, borrowers’ homes, businesses, real estate offices or registries.

Efficient Closings
Actual closing times are typically less than 1 hour for sales and 30 minutes for refinances.

Professional Closing Packages
Attractively Covered copies of all closing documents are presented to borrowers at closing.

Review of Purchase and Sales Agreements
Your attorney is available to review P&S Agreements at no additional cost.


Moreira Law Office is a licensed Real Estate Broker (MA #144120).  If you want to sellyour house or find the home of your dreams, you can hire us instead of a Realtor® to get the job done with excellence.  With our network of banking and development clients, we can also assist you toward obtaining the financing to purchase the home of your dreams.

We strongly feel that our legal and financial experience and contacts offer a tremendous added benefit to you over typical Realtors®, and we charge the exact same price as they do,guaranteed.

Legal Services:

  • Real Estate
  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Litigation (lawsuits)
  • Pro bono work for the handicapped.
  • Travel Closings
  • Efficient Closings
  • Professional Closing Packages
  • Review of Purchase and Sales Agreements


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